Modelling pesticides fate, exposure, and effects

This session focuses on the intricate dynamics of pesticide behavior in the environment and their consequential impact on ecosystems and human health. This comprehensive exploration covers a range of crucial topics, including sorption/desorption phenomena, aged and bound residues kinetics, spray drift patterns, volatilization mechanisms, leaching processes, spatial modeling approaches, and new developments aimed at elucidating the intricate linkages between pesticide exposure and resultant effects.

Key themes to be addressed in this session include:

  • Sorption/desorption kinetics: Investigating the sorptive interactions between pesticides and soil constituents, elucidating the factors influencing desorption rates, and assessing their implications for pesticide mobility and persistence.
  • Aged and bound residues: Examining the temporal evolution of pesticide residues in soil matrices and exploring mechanisms governing their sequestration and release dynamics.
  • Spray drift modeling: Assessing the spatiotemporal dispersion patterns of pesticide droplets during application processes and evaluating their potential implications for off-target contamination.
  • Volatilization processes: Understanding the mechanisms driving pesticide volatilization from treated surfaces and exploring strategies to mitigate associated environmental risks.
  • Leaching dynamics: Investigating the factors influencing pesticide transport through soil profiles and assessing the efficacy of management practices in mitigating leaching-related impacts.
  • Spatial modeling approaches: Leveraging advanced geospatial tools and methodologies to map pesticide distribution patterns, identify potential hotspots of exposure, and inform targeted risk management strategies.
  • New developments in exposure-effects linkages: Exploring innovative approaches to integrate exposure data with toxicity assessments, fostering a holistic understanding of the ecological and human health implications of pesticide usage.

Location: Date: September 4, 2024 Time: 2:10 pm - 5:20 pm Rafael Muñoz-Carpena Nicoleta Alina Suciu Bernhard Gottesburen