About the Symposium


The first edition of the Symposium in Pesticide Chemistry was organized by Attilio del Re and Paolo Fontana in 1979, both professors at the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Since then it has grown constantly and has reached today recognition at a top international level, thanks to the cooperation of Allan Walker (UK).

Nowadays the Symposium represents one of the most important scientific events on pesticides worldwide, it takes place every two years and is hosted on rotation between Università Cattolica and the University of York (Chaired by prof. Colin Brown).

The Symposium will hold generic and specialist subjects relating to the environmental fate and risk, with particular reference to pesticide behaviour in air, plant, soil and water systems. Specific focus is put on the use of modelling to support regulatory and policy decision-making, measures for risk mitigation and new technologies/know how for a sustainable use.

The Symposium will cover specific topics, updating the participant with present knowledge and consolidating responsibility in the scientific community for the future needs.

Platform presentations and poster sessions provide an evaluation of current progress in different aspects: basic processes (i.e. sorption, transformation, volatilization, plant interaction), models of pesticides environmental fate, indicators of environment quality, landscape risk assessment, mitigation techniques, environmental monitoring programs, risk assessment, risk management and sustainable use of pesticides.

The Symposium is organized in sessions. The Steering Committee is responsible for the organization of the sessions, keynote lectures, selection of the papers and, the promotion of development of constructive interactions between research, regulatory and industrial communities.

The paper, as an abstract, will be collected in proceedings after peer review. Electronic support material will be available on the website.