Pesticides behavior at microscopic level

This session offers an in-depth exploration of the interactions between pesticides and environmental matrices at the molecular and microscopic scale. It focuses on fundamental processes governing pesticide behavior, including sorption/desorption phenomena, transformation pathways, metabolic processes, bioavailability dynamics, rhizosphere microbial ecology interactions, volatilization mechanisms, and plant uptake mechanisms.

Key themes within this session encompass:

  • Sorption/desorption dynamics: Investigating the sorptive interactions between pesticides and soil colloids, minerals, and organic matter and assessing the factors influencing desorption rates and reversibility of sorbed pesticides.
  • Transformation pathways: Exploring the biotic and abiotic processes that lead to the transformation of pesticides into metabolites or degradation products and elucidating their implications for pesticide persistence, mobility, and toxicity.
  • Metabolic processes: Understanding the metabolic pathways involved in pesticide metabolism within microbial, plant, and animal systems and evaluating their role in detoxifying or activating pesticide compounds.
  • Bioavailability dynamics: Assessing the factors influencing the availability of pesticides for uptake by organisms, including soil properties, microbial activity, and chemical speciation, and their implications for ecological risk assessment.
  • Rhizosphere microbial ecology: Investigating the role of rhizosphere microbial communities in mediating pesticide fate and transport processes, including biodegradation, sorption, and plant-microbe interactions.
  • Volatilization mechanisms: Examining the physicochemical factors driving pesticide volatilization from soil and water surfaces and assessing the implications for atmospheric transport and environmental exposure.
  • Plant uptake mechanisms: Elucidating the mechanisms governing the uptake, translocation, and accumulation of pesticides within plant tissues and their potential impacts on food safety and human health.

Location: Date: September 4, 2024 Time: 10:40 am - 12:40 pm Lucrezia Lamastra