Marco Trevisan

Marco Trevisan is the Dean of Agriculture Faculty of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Catholic University of the Sacred Hearth), sited in Piacenza, where is professor since 1998 and carries out teaching and research activities. The main teaching courses are: Analytical Chemistry and  Biochemistry of maturation and ripening for the Degree in Food Science; Biochemistry and Effect of agricultural activities on ecosystem for the Degree in Agricultural Science. These courses are carried out for MSc students (laurea triennale and specialistica). Additional courses, lecture and seminars have been carried out in Summer School, Training Course, PhD School. In the framework of the SOCRATES project Trevisan has been engaged for seminars in several European universities. He has studied since 1983 the environmental fate of pesticide and the behaviour of pesticide residues on crop and food. He is expert in the field of pesticide environmental fate, analytical determination and consumer health. Trevisan was involved in several European project in these field: HAIR (SSPE-CT-2003-501997), . The assessment of operator, bystander and environmental exposure to pesticides (SMT4-CT96-2048); Evaluation and improvement of mathematical models of pesticide mobility in soils ad assessment of their potential to predict contamination of water systems. (EV5V-CT92-0226); Measuring and modelling volatilization in agricultural areas in South Europe (SMT4-CT98-9027); Evaluation of methods to compare or rank pesticides according to their environmental impact. (CAPER-FAIR CT97-3510); SUSAP. Supplying local authorities and farmers with an innovative tool to support a sustainable agricultural production. LIFE98 contract n. ENV/IT/000010; Effective approaches for assessing the predicted environmental concentrations of pesticides (APECOP – QLK4199901238); Pesticides in European Groundwaters: study of representative Aquifers leading to Simulation of possible Evolution (PEGASE- EVK1-CT-1999-00028), Marie Curie Training Site PEACE (QLK5-CT-2001-60014), SEAMLESS System for Environmental and Agricultural Modelling; Linking European Science and Society.

He was member of the Italian commission of biocides (EU Directive 98/8) and chairman of physical-chemistry properties group. He has been field editor of Agronomie, Agriculture and Environment since 1996. In the recent years he has been appointed to review scientific papers from international journal.

In the 2005 Trevisan was appointed as member of  the Review Panel for assessing the Strategic Plan Proposals of CSIC Centers/Institutes in Spain. The Center/Institutes evaluated by the Commission were:9 in the area of soil science. He is joined, as independent expert, on Version Control Group and on Groundwater of FOCUS (Forum for the Co-ordination of pesticide fate models and their Use) which is devoted to help the pesticide registration procedure at European level using models. Since 2001 is vice-chairman of COST629 action (Water pollution in natural porous media at different scales: fate, impact and indicators.

He was a member of a research unit CNR-GNDCI (Assessment of groundwater vulnerability) for the Civil Protection of the Italian Government. He has been President of Environment & Pesticide association GRIFA (Gruppo di Ricerca Italiano Fitofarmaci ed Ambiente) since 2002. Sawada Prize for the best scientific paper published in 2004 on “prediction of the environmental concentration of pesticide in paddy field and surrounding surface water bodies” in recognition of its exceptional research achievement in the field of paddy and water environmental engineering.

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