Luigi Lucini

Luigi Lucini got the Ph.D. in “Chemistry, Biochemistry and Ecology of Pesticides”, from Milan University in 2004, then worked as responsible of GLP units at Sipcam SpA. Since 2008 he moved to Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza, as researcher in Environmental and Agricultural Chemistry and is associate professor in agricultural chemistry since 2018. He currently teaches Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry at the faculty of Environmental, Food and agricultural Sciences. Since 2012 he is responsible of GLP Quality Assurance at CERZOO, a lab and field testing facility, and since 2013 he coordinates the research in proteomics and metabolomics for his faculty.

His research activity deals with the application of high-resolution mass spectrometry based proteomics and metabolomics in the field of plant science, environmental sciences and food science. The activity deals with plant-chemicals interaction, untargeted screening, metabolite structure elucidation, secondary metabolism, plant abiotic stress (including chemicals) and biotransformation of xenobiotics. Research activity includes the development of analytical approaches, metabolites IDs, chemometrics and multivariate statics, as well as impairment of biochemical processes and modulation of metabolic responses.

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