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Environmental fate in air, soil and water

Sorption/desorption, aged and bound residues, spray drift, volatilization, leaching

Biotic processes and environmental fate

Transformation, bioavailability, microbial ecology, microbial communities, metabolism

Monitoring of pesticides and their metabolites

Study design, monitoring results, residues in plant & environmental compartments

Ecotoxicology into fate in real world

Ecotox procedures, modelling & higher tier assessments

Pesticide risk assessment

Procedures for risk assessment, uncertainty, environmental indicators.

Sustainable use, IPM and stakeholders’ response

EU and stakeholders’ position on pesticide use, sustainable uses, IPM vs conventional

Risk mitigation measures

Measures related to prevention and mitigation of point and nonpoint contamination

Regulation and controversial policies

Regulatory issues, policies, minor crops, regional authorization