Pesticide Risk mitigations measures (RMMs): efficacy evaluation and implementation

This session provides a comprehensive examination of strategies aimed at mitigating the environmental and human health risks associated with pesticide usage. It explores the various aspects of the landscape risk mitigation measures, including how they are incorporated into the decision-making process for pesticides, their implementation in EU countries to address point and nonpoint contamination sources, and the important role of precision agriculture in reducing pesticide exposure.

Key areas of focus within this session include:

  • Integration of RMMs in decision-making processes: Evaluating the mechanisms by which risk mitigation measures are incorporated into pesticide regulatory frameworks and assessing their efficacy in enhancing environmental management and human health protection.
  • Implementation strategies in EU countries: Examining the diverse approaches adopted by EU member states for implementing pesticide risk mitigation measures, with a particular emphasis on strategies targeting both point and nonpoint contamination sources across agricultural and non-agricultural landscapes.
  • Role of precision agriculture in exposure reduction: Exploring the transformative potential of precision agriculture technologies and practices in optimizing pesticide application techniques, minimizing off-target drift, and reducing overall pesticide exposure levels within agroecosystems.

Location: Date: September 5, 2024 Time: 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm Maura Calliera Aaldrik Tiktak Marc Voltz